Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Life is back to a routine. I managed to do my regular biking route of shopping to the neighbouring village. Bigger than mine, so a lot more interesting things to spend my husbands hard earned money on.

I look at it from a different standpoint. This way I get to move out and about which I wouldn't normally do. Am at the moment glued to the computer quite a lot. Trying to catch with the posts of the CAL-yahoo group I belong to. Or sitting on the couch watching all the crime soaps and cooking shows (Tim Maelzer and "The Perfect Dinner"). Hard disk on our satellite receiver is almost full, goed I have so many crochet projects lined up, it's a good combo.

Past weekend was in a sign of USA. First had to take my son to the American Consulate in Amsterdam. If I got to use the public transportation from our village it would take me min 3,5 hours to get there. Knowing they are open only mornings till 11:30 resulted in realization of having to start that day quite early. Now, waking up a 4,5 yo at 6 in the morning would have proven quite a challenge. My husband had a better solution. We slept the night before at my in-laws, in Utrecht, and it was just a measly hour that took us to get to the consulate.

And boy, it is nice to be on your own soil for a bit again. The treatment was great, got to use separate booth set up just for US citizens. Glad I was able to skip that crowded waiting room of the Dutch nationals.

But, there is a but to this day. It was raining so hard, didn't have the heart to drag my son into sightseeing of this beatiful city. I made a mental note of coming soon again. Alone or with a friend but as soon as the weather allows it.

Next day we managed to walk through center of Utrecht. Now, I don't know the countless number of times we did that, but this time I noticed a store with Cheerios in the store front. Had to get closer and realized the store is choke full with american products. Even though I couldn't locate any prices I couldn't resist and buy myself Oreo cookies. Don't think I'll do that soon again it ended up being 8 euros. And it is just a normal size package 1lb1oz (482g). So at the moment I'm wondering which measuring system was used as reference since neithe of these is a round number.

And to top that day, in the local establishment of the national chain of the 2nd hand bookstores I found "The Weekend Crafter - Knitting" (unused) by Catherine Ham for 6eu and "All Stitched Up" by Jane Crowfoot for 5eu. I'm sure the 2nd one will be useful for both knitting and crochet. And the first one I bought since I'm planning to learn how to knit. Best recommendation was the fact that I already own the same in the crochet version.

I'm at the moment looking for yarn for a men's shawl from the Weekend Crafter. Seems like a nice and easy pattern to learn a new craft. Am a bit nervous about this decision. My aunt tried to teach me how to kint when I was a teenager. It was a complete disaster, it was so tight that I couldn't get a needle through the project any more. But I'm consoling myself if I could master crochet (which sometimes gets to be a bit tight as well) I should be able to control myself with needles as well.

The school has started on Monday, so it is back to the old routine. I should be able to catch up with my e-mails (I hope) by the end of next week, and then the projects should be just flying of my hooks and needels!

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