Thursday, January 03, 2008


They are almost over, these home-holidays. Neither my husband nor myself felt like going anyplace so we stayed home. And since my husband took this whole week free as well, it is not over yet.

We are injoying it to its fullest. I got my energy back just in time for baking for Christmas. So, I pulled copies of old recipes (some used by my grandmother) and made: granu (branch), punc snite (punch slices), salamu (salami), naldo snite (naldo slices), vanili kiflice (vanilli crescents), rusku pitu (russian pie, this is a very much litteral translation), makovnjacu (poppy seed roll) i Belinu pitu (Bela's pie). And as duch tradition dictates, on the 31st we made oliebollen (version of deepfried dough), two sets before the first one didn't comply with my husbands standards.

Of all these sweets there is not much left. We took a lot to my husband's family get-together on the second Christmas day. And a bit to the family with which we waited for the New Year to arrive. I've been doing some powerwalking, today will bike, so I don't believe I gained much weight.

And, another advantage of having my husband at home: he is cooking every day! That makes these holidays complete.

Also, these days we have great company during our meals.

On the craft front, I'm at the moment stuck knitting a scarf with Koigu KPPPM. With such thin yarn, progress is very slow, so I've turned to my quilt. As you can see, patchwork is complete, now to the hand quilting. Luckily, it is small (50cm/19,5" x 72cm/28") so I'm hoping to finish it in the next few months.

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romantales said...

Wow! Patchwork left me speachless! It is very nice!
Regarding your baking for holidays - you could post some recipe, I would love to see what that names are standing for, you could post it in croatian.