Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yes, my second knitting project is complete!

I'm so happy with the progress of my knitting skills. This pattern for Summer Yellow Eyelet patternwas a challenge. I undid first 4 rows most likely at least 10 times. But, then I just got it. It also helped to have it with me on my visit to SnB in Tilburg two weeks ago. The advices I got from Jose helped me in figuring out what is the idea.

I don't have Barbie so couldn't take fitted picture. I did measure my dress and, according to the measurements I have, it should fit easily. Once I give it away will find out for sure.

Now I know hot to cast-off for arm holes and wrestle psso. The second is still causing me to move together with needles, sweat, good I can not see my facial expressions while completing this step.

I couldn't join my SnB girls last night. I've decided to finally empty those last few boxes with stuff from USA. There was not much important in them, but I did finally locate the missing Sequence game. This project is happening only now that we have finally received living room furniture and now all the things we have can find their appropriate place. My husband did mention how one of the appropriate places might be our garbage bin as well, but luckily for him, he didn't try to hard to convince me that is indeed so.

So, house is still a mess while all the odd bits and pieces are expecting to find their spot, but it is such a relief to see all the space freed up from that stack of boxes. Off I go to clean some dust now!


Irma said...

Jammer dat je er niet was, maar wel hartstikke goed dat je je barbiejurk hebt af kunnen maken!

Patricia said...

I like the beginnings of your blog. I found you through SamplerM, something I have the yarn for but haven't begun. I hope that you post some pictures of Holland as well.

spp2006 said...

Jednom sam bila na ovoj stranici i nikako ju ponovno nisam mogla naci. Sada te sigurno stavljam u linkove, pozdrav!