Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday was still nice weather, considering the time of the year. Clouds decided to let the sun shine through for most of the time and we jumped on the opportunity.

My husband found recently info about possibility of kayaking on our local river, Dommel. So, he checked the weather forecast, called and made reservation. We decided to try the shorter trip of 2 hours ending in Valkenswaard (which was actually the starting point for us since the river flows from Borkel en Schaft towards Valkenswaard). It turned to be good decision, especially considering a 4,5 year old son of ours.

We had fun and it was also boring. Boring when for long stretches we kept seeing just relatively high banks of nettles, reeds, grass and some other plants. Some of those I thought I've seen growing in my garden as weeds! Fun when we had to row hard to avoid hitting the banks (and did we hit them a few times!), when our son decided to help, when we almost missed the ducks (the plumage is indeed suited to the environment), when we scared two pheasants, when we saw glistening of a bird I thought must be kingfisher...

The last stretch was really nice, it was a nice long stretch overshadowed by tall trees. And the sun decided it is perfect time to show up. I was scared a bit we will swim at the point of leaving the kayak, but it all ended well. Just a beautiful day in the nature.

And it is raining now, guess the fall has indeed arrived. And my garden could do with some water, I was already watering a few newly planted roses and bushes by hand. Just perfect timing.

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