Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, where have I been all this time. Not that far away, actually, but somehow these simple activities still managed to keep me away from blogging.

We did spend Christmas and New Year with my family in Zagreb. It was nice, we even managed to play in the snow, real one and not the wet stuff that finally managed to fall in the Netherlands in March. We drove there and back. It is a doable one day trip so my husband is going to repeat it this summer again as we enjoy the sea this summer.
Needles to say, this trip was a bit to close to Australian trip, so I continued to recover from both for the next month. And we couldn't face another trip any more, so no skiing this year. Again! We promised to ourselves a ski vacation for next year, it has to be a good reason to stop us from going.
And then we finally booked our first real dutch vacation in May. Since I didn't trust the weather to stay as nice and warm as it was in April we went south, to the Limburg province. It turned out to be right decision, weather was showery and not to warm. We still managed to see a lot and stay dry. I fell in love with the rolling hills, tranquility, open spaces. Visit to Maastricht was painful. My son (5 at the moment) had not fun whatsoever there. While in Aachen he really enjoyed himself. How can it be that one city has all the fountains, slides, parks and similar places where a kid can recharge battery and the other none? And it is not that Maastricht has no room for this sort of entertainment. There is river Maas flowing through the center of it with nice green banks on the side, how about a small playground? Or have we been so unlucky to miss all of them?
My son and myself are leaving for summer vacation as soon as school is over, June 29th. I can not wait to dip again in Jadran (Adriatic). My husband is joining us two weeks later and will stay with us for the following four weeks. Oh, what a bliss will that be again. That is the only vacation we spend sitting, swimming and eating!
And I see it is necessary my son gets to be exposed to Croatian again. He is trying to talk only dutch to me these days and is starting to complain if I try to stop him. I want him to continue to speak Croatian. There is a small number of Croatians compared to other nations of the world, but still, these are his roots, I can keep at least this small connection. It is a bit difficult with school age kids, but I believe he will be able to appreciate it once he grows older. I did run into enough people that felt sorry for not being able to speak their parents language.

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