Monday, June 04, 2007

Family day(s)

Family day was the name of my husband's company picnic which took place last Saturday. We arrived there for lunch (cold but big) and after a short program I went to learn how to arrange flowers while my husband stayed with our son.

I expected I will be arranging flowers in a vase or on a foam piece but in the end it turned out to be a lot nicer. We arranged eucalyptus leaves on a styrofoam board, attached them with pins and placed everything into a metal frame. I didn't like the part of instructions of leaving the heads of the pins visible. Instead, I covered pins by laying subsequent leaves over them. I'm quite happy with the result, hope it is visible on the photo. We also did the foam arrangement which turned out quite nice as well since foam is in the ring shape.

My son also had fun exploring all shapes and sizes of slides, swings, jumping and biking facilities. He was seriously sweaty by the time I saw him after two and a half hours of fun.

And last Monday (a week ago) we visited the Hoensbroek castle. It was a holiday so we could all go together with friends and their kids. And this day was also reenactment of the medieval times which meant knights tournament and archery demonstrations. It was all geared mostly towards kids but I did have a lot of fun myself.
We managed to walk through the castle, it is indeed big. Shame, like most of the Dutch castles, it is now used mostly for wedding ceremonies. There is barely any original furniture left and I definitely miss that. There have also been some old games set up in the courtyard but the highlight of the day was fight with the knits. Until they all dropped "dead"! First kids got the chance but after them the mothers! I was sceptical about my contribution in this quest but it turned out to be excellent way to relieve the stress! Are kids also fighting for that reason? I kind of doubt that.

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