Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've hit a major slump. And have totally stopped with all of my crafting projects for almost a day now. But since I just had one blond moment this gives me enough energy to start again.

First, vacation (oh, so long time ago) was perfect in hindsight. Out of six weeks maybe just a day without the sun. And that was important in the end, we didn't get to see much of that stellar body once we got back home.

My nephew came back with us, for a two weeks visit. And what is a favorite pastime of 13 old boys visiting their aunt? Roller coasters! We managed to hit three major parks in the area, this helped to double the number of times I ever sat in a roller coaster. Never my favorite, but have to admit, in the end I did have a good time. But am not asking for more unlike my 5-year old. He was at the time 121 cm high which qualified him for almost all rides. And we skipped only one, Python in Efteling. I thought no safety harness on that ride would keep him in the seat.

And then I tried to recover from it all. Bring house in order, establish routines and get a hang of my projects. Didn't do much during vacation, finished only the back of Schachenmayr micro fino pulli. But it is progressing nicely, eventually I should complete it. Did complete this monkey, gift for a baby, think it turned out cute. Did finish also a scarf and a girls purse, still didn't take photos! Will have to do it soon.
And now to the slump. Approx two months ago I've signed up for patchwork class. And, ambitious me, didn't select beginners class (none available anyway) but for a free-cutting method. It was a lot of fun getting drawn into this new world which I managed so far to admire just from the distance. But, this weekend it finally hit me. My project is turning out quite ambitious and I have spent now almost three days figuring one major point in my design. I believe I'm close to resolution on this big stumbling block, but the energy is not quite back yet.
There is one more project which led me to slump, Berroco's John Stocking. I'm at the foot, was happily going for it and then realized it is just getting way to long. I don't know of any Santa's with such disproportionate foot, so I went back and looked at the photo. And, sure enough I've added extra rows. And, how did that happen, might you ask. In its ultimate wisdom, all lines of different parts of the stocking are mashed into just one or maybe two paragraphs. And, once I read to repeat a section called "Next row", I did just that. Not suspecting that next row actually consists of just that, next row and not all instructions bunched up after it. So, the stocking will still be done before Christmas, but I could have done without all this frogging.
And the blond moment. A few weeks back I visited Veritas store in Lommel, Belgium, recently opened. I own a few of their pattern magazines, but yarn description is not contained in it. So, I bought some yarn and was sitting last few days trying to figure out the composition, gages and needle sizes based on this purchase. Only to realize today, after visiting adriafil.com, that is the yarn used in most of the projects. Now, why is it so difficult to publish this in either the magazine or on the web. It's just one more of the things I'm labeling as customer friendliness on this continent.
And now, back to the patchwork and later to the stocking as well!


Irma said...

Wat een leuke foto van jou! LOL
Zo leuk vind ik het ook in een achtbaan of andere dergelijke ongein!

goce1t said...

Imali ste dobar provod! :)

Goce said...

čini se da ste se odlično proveli!