Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two more complete

Yes, I finished two more projects and am now ready for vacation. Not, of course, from crochet or knitting, but a change of scenery will do me good. So, one more day of packing and we are gone. That is my son and myself. My husband will follow two weeks later.

Oh, it is difficult to wait to leave this terrible weather, windy, wet and colder than 20 celsius. I did wash all jackets so now we are reduced to wearing rain gear as protection from the wind.

So, the first finished project is crocheted giraffe. I didn't know it will turn out that big (115 cm long) but it does look appropriate as a companion to our almost a year old niece. This is her birthday present, her parents like it, I hope she does as well. Of course, it didn't go smooth, the connecting piece turned out to short so I had to extend it and stretch a bit to make it all fit. And I did make the horns but they just didn't fit nicely so I didn't attach them.

The other which I'm proud of is gloves. Pattern name is Progressive Gloves. This was my first knitting project with double pointed needles. I thought I'll just make mittens, but as I progressed I realized I prefer gloves. And so it was. I like the yarn (Schachenmayr Universa Color) and bought it as soon as I noticed snowflakes on the label. I made small adjustment to the pattern by adding two extra stitches for the little finger. And I also did three rows of decreases on the thumb to exactly match mine. And now just to wait for the winter to test the warmth! And it seems I'll not have to wait long, my fingers are getting cold as I'm typing right now!


r, said...

...i do recognize this giraffe!
In reality it looks even better as in this picture. The girls here play with the giraffe very often.


f. said...

Hi Jasmine, I like your blog. I am sure you did use your gloves by now, are they warm enough?

Any birthday wishes for you like needles or other usefull materials?
See you sunday, Feikje