Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy, busy

No, it is not work aka paying job that got me busy. No, just I'm reaching out and trying to get out and about.

On Tuesday I managed to get to my first meeting of Stitch 'n Bitch. They are getting popular in Netherlands as well. I was member of the Breda branch for a while, but never attended any of their meetings. It is just too far, would probably take me better part of the afternoon and night to travel back and forth.

But three months ago chapter is Tilburg was started. I joined immediatelly and decided to pay a visit to this weeks gathering. It was really fun. Got to meet four fellow knitters (some of them also crochet) and just had loads of fun. And I immediately got advice on the current knitting project, Barbie dress.

It was nice to get info on a local yarn company, Lammy Yarns in Hilvarenbeek, where I can actually once a month buy yarn. Will probably not pay them a visit in October since I'm planning to attend Handwerkbeurs in Den Bosch in two weeks. But will most likely attend next SnB meeting in less than two weeks.

My son did resist this adventure of mine. According to him I'm supposed to stay at home all of the time and only his father is supposed to go to work. My dear 4,5 year old:-)

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