Sunday, September 17, 2006


On Monday we finally received our living room book case/cabinet and dining room table, chairs and dressoir.
It was hectic, assembly crew just coudln't get it right (maybe because one of the two guys that showed up was capable of only opening boxes without inflicting any damage!?). So, they did stick around from 14:30 till 19:30 at which point we literally pushed them out the door.
The next day, another crew showed up and managed to fix the mistakes of their predecessors and completed the task in 3 hours.
Boy, was I happy. The living room finally looks like some decent folks live here, finally over with the camping (we had folding chair as the best of our dining set).
And now, the reality is setting in, I have to unpack the final boxes and arrange things! It is not easy, but I'm sure I'll get there.
That is unfortunately confliciting with my free time (there is significantly less of it, surprise!) but my scarf is almost done. Knitted! Just have to finish three more yarn ends... One of them is on the CO end which I'm not very proud with. I started very loose in fear of it being too tight and now have a very wavy edge. Keep on thinking I can still do something about it, will have to spend some quality time with it tomorrow.
Last week I was sick. Wish I knew what it was, now I'm a bit uneasy thinking of the simptoms and the lack there-of. For two days I had slight fever (max was 38.4C), but had persistent headache for 4 days. Now, I never have headaches unless I suffer from the lack of sleep. That was not the case last week, so now I'm a bit worried. Will definitely go to the doctor next time this happens again. Glad my son is old enough to go on his own to the two neighbourhood boys to play.


José said...

Maybe you can add tassles to the ends of the scarf, to hide its wavy cast on?
I hope to see you (and the scarf ;-) ) at the next S'nB meetup in Tilburg!

lupnuti said...

I did something else. While I had time to concentrate I went back and tightened by hand that loose end. Yes, I pulled all CO stitches back, one by one, now it is all tight. Will bring it with me to the next SnB