Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lichtjesroute and two completed projects

Thursday night we followed for the first time Lichtjesroute. My husband was telling me it might not be so interesting but in the end we both liked it. And even our son, I thought he will be asleep within the first half hour, but no, he made it to the end. And without any tantrums.He asked only once when are we going home, 5 min before we were done! Yes, the whole spectrum of displays is very much geared towards children (lots of animals and the Smurfs land on the lake!) but the difficulty of some of them makes even adults to stop for a bit.

And I'm glad my husband drove. I'm sure I would have ended in a traffic accident. I still have trouble with the rule of the car coming from the right having the right-of-way. And there was no way last night to avoid all those small streets. That is one part of "inburgering" that is just killing me!

I'm finally finishing some projects. So many WIPs, WIMs, have to get a grip on myself. I guess it is a loosing battle.

But, I am happy about this crochet project. It is called Floral Filet, originally published in "Tabletop Elegance" by Annie's Attick. I got it when it was republished as Free-Pattern-A-Day. As soon as my mother spotted it she said she wants it. Being my mother, she immediately corrected herself and retracted. But admitted she really likes the pattern, it is only just to short for her coffee table. Indeed, not that it is finished I agree with her. It turned out to be only 46cm (18") long. Well, I measured her coffee table (without her knowledge) and now it is a.... WIM!

And my first knitting project is also complete. . It can be seen in this photo as well, it took me a bit until my tension settled. But, my worst fear of not being able to knit has now disapeared. The patterns was easy enought for me to follow, real beginners project. It was published in the series "The Weekend Crafter" - "Knitting" by Catherine Ham. I have also Crochet Weekend Crafter and now can recommend both. I was never good at starting a new craft making meaningless gage swatches. I rather have scarf, even of uneven width. Can always give it to my father, I guess, since my husband refused and didn't offer it yet my BIL's. So, final destination is at the moment unknown.

And I jumped into a new knitting project, dress for a Barbie. It is small, am using 3mm needles, made only 4 rows so far, but am having fun.

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