Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My latest works

Of course, between various activities I managed to find time to knit and crochet. Most of these projects are small but various in complexity.
This is "Purple Pleasure" from "Crochet Kerchiefs" by Kely Robinson. Fun to make and fun to wear. It was perfect accessorie for my long hair during those hot days in Australia and Singapore. I just couldn't make it purple, thought beige is more coordinate friendly color.

On "Gerbera Doily" from Crochet Home and Holiday magazine of July 2001 I worked for of and on for almost a year. But like the pattern, might soon start on another colorful crochet project.

''Swirls Doily" (as I call it, made to a torn out schematics page) was also fun but the edge just didn't work out for me. I had to fudge it a bit to make it work.

"Chunky Monkey Scarf" from "Not your mama's crochet" by Amy Swenson is an easy pattern but with both meaning to the words easy. I constantly had to recount and ripple a few times since I kept making shells in the wrong spaces. But using three strands of yarn together made for a nice colored result. Nice option to the variegated yarn in my opinion.

"Cable Scarf" was my first cabled knit and amazing fun. Am definitely going to pursue this technique further. I had to frog on this a bit since I was not paying attention to the edges and they would end up being just knit instead of ribbed. I also forgot to rib the start of the scarf so had to match the end as well. Gave it to my brother in law as a birthday present but heard from him that it was appropriated by one of his 5-yr old sons. Yes, it is also warm and cuddly and am glad it has found such a nice home.

"Getting Dizzy Scarf" from "Not your mama's crochet" by Amy Swenson turned out a bit exotic due to the fuzzy yarn I applied on the outer edge. Am not sure if it will get mucht wear due to that fact.

"Crocodile Hat" from Impact Moda "32 Fabulous Colourwork Knits for Kids 4-10 years" was my first venture into multiple colored knits. Instructions suggested to knit in one color and later stitch the crocodile but I definitely didn't fill like it. Knitting with two colors to the schematics was a lot more fun (even thought I made that beginner mistake of wrongly wrapping the yarn at color changes resulting in a big gaping hole). And my son has happly worn it to school while the weather permitted. Now that I've bought him a store made fleece with an emblem of Spiderman, I'm afraid crocodiles will spend a lot of time in the drawer. Oh, well, maybe will feel sorry for his mama and use both interchangeably!

And the last one is "Jilly Scarf" which I made just with fuzzy yarn. I like wearing it, it doesn't itch and is not warm at all. Maybe I've made it just a tad too long (205cm, 81") but that didn't present any major issues so far.


Irma said...

Wat véél heb je gemaakt!
De kabelsjaal is erg mooi.
De witte doily ziet er erg ingewikkeld uit.
Ik kijk een beetje raar op de muts: heb je die helemaal met verdraaide steken gebreid?

lupnuti said...

Bedankt Irma, dat zijn all werken van de laatste 6 maanden, so echt niet zo veel. Voor de muts heb ik gewoon verschilend gekleured draden gekruised.

astrid said...

Ik vind de kabelsjaal ook heel mooi. Leuk om te zien, dat je zo veel verschillende technieken probeert! (en met succes :-))